Climbzone is the ideal place for your group activities

Climbzone Adventure Activity Centre provides a unique group or school trip experience, where groups or students can embark on achievable but challenging indoor activities.

We offer fun, confident boosting days out for companies, groups, schools and families whatever the occasion. All of our sessions incorporate teamwork, test your problem solving skills and promote interactive fun learning. This enables groups to interact with each other in a fun, safe and exciting environment.

Our friendly, experienced instructors look after you in small groups of 8, maximising the time for the group on each activity while helping those feeling a bit less brave. These sessions are booked per instructor rather than per person, which provides you a private session. We can cater for your whole year group, just call us to discuss in more detail and we will try our best to fit in with you and your group.

With the perfect location in Xsite at Braehead with easy accessible parking there are loads of other activities and amenities round the corner so you can make it your ultimate day out.

Our adrenaline fuelled activities can be booked in 1 hour sessions for a combination of 2 activities or 1.5 hour sessions to experience all 3 activities in 1 go.

The Skypark is 60 metres long and hangs 15 metres above the ground and the spectators. You must climb, swing and balance your way around obstacles.

Climb on our 11 metre high Climbing walls while you are connected to an auto-belay which will keep you safe as you conquer the wall.

Finish on a high with The Drop! Take a deep breath and step off! Experience the thrill of the 15m freefall as you drop 15 metres to the ground before slowing down to land.

Then why not race down UK’s tallest indoor slide “The Big Slide”, the perfect way to start or end your visit to Climbzone. Buy 12 shots on the slide voucher for only £10 online or at the Climbzone desk.

We cater for all group sizes. Working with 8 participants to 1 instructor, we make all sessions personal and achievable for every group’s abilities and needs. We offer a group rate discount for larger groups starting from £126 per instructor when you book all 8 spaces. Please contact us directly with your booking requirements.

We provide all required equipment for you to take part in any of our activities hassle free! Just bring yourself and wear something comfortable. All of our sessions incorporate team work, test your problem solving skills and promote interactive fun learning. This enables groups to interact with each other in a fun, safe, adrenaline fueled environment.

We offer 1hr and 1 ½ hour long sessions at Climbzone, where you can do all 3 activities in 1½ or 2 activities in the hour. Make a combination out of the Skypark, climb and The Drop for £18 pp when you book online.
Make use of our group discount for an instructor, giving you 8 spaces for an hour long session or £126 on school holidays and weekends. If your group size is 18 or over we can open Climbzone for you when we don’t normally open. Please ask Matt ( to arrange this.

The hour and a half long session includes all 3 activities and costs £26.00 online. For larger groups of 8 or more participants please call us for further pricing information.

Why not add 16 shots on the big slide before or afterwards for only £10 or £1 per go! Book now by calling 0141 886 5459 or go online
For all enquiries, please feel free to call and speak to any of our friendly reception staff.

the perfect playground for thrill seekers of all ages.