• £28.00 Per person

Ultimate thrills in a 1.5 hour long aerial adventure!

In an adrenaline fuelled hour and a half you will experience all 3 activities at Climbzone: The Skypark, The Climbing wall and The Drop!

The Skypark is 60 metres long and hangs 15 metres above the ground and the spectators. You must climb, swing and balance your way around obstacles like the zip slide, traverse wall, swinging platforms, cargo net, roped bridge and more. Dare you try? Just don’t look down!

Your instructor will then be on hand to get you climbing on our 11 metre high climbing walls. You will be connected to an auto-belay which will keep you safe as you conquer the wall, gently lowering you to the ground once you are ready to return to earth.

Are you brave enough for The Drop? The easy part is getting clipped in, once at the edge, it is up to you. Take a deep breath and step off! Experience the thrill of the freefall as you drop 15 metres to the ground. Don’t worry though you will be slowed to a gentle landing

It’s a sky high adventure for big and for small, a great day out and a fun group activity that includes at least 1 go on the drop, the climbing wall, the Skypark. Come try it out today!

Is this 1.5 hour activity right for me?

  • 1.5 hours of adventure & fun for all aged 7yrs +
  • Small instructor led groups with a maximum of 8 children per instructor.
  • Includes rental of equipment needed – harness & climbing shoes
  • No previous experience or physical fitness required

Bookings & cost

  • Booking required – Subject to availability
  • Cost £28.00 per person

All the activities are run by the professional Climbzone team. Experienced instructors will look after your safety whilst you enjoy the thrills and excitement of Climbzone – The best indoor adventure park in the UK- So we have been told.


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Thursday 1st August 2024

  • Course and time
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  • How many coming ?
  • Climbing, Skypark, Drop.

    12:10 pm To 1:40 pm
  • 8 Place Left
  • Climbing, Skypark, Drop.

    2:10 pm To 3:40 pm
  • 8 Place Left
  • Climbing, Skypark, Drop.

    3:50 pm To 5:20 pm
  • 8 Place Left

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