• £22.00

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  • Participants must be 16+ & be 18+ to sign in and be responsible for novices.  

Already done a few instructed climbing sessions and want to become an independent climber?  If you are over 18, this course also allows you to qualify for a membership that allows you to bring two novices along for a climb whenever you want to.

Friendly and qualified instructors will teach you how to fit a harness and use auto belays safely and correctly. While climbing you will be connected to an auto-belay which will keep you safe as you climb the wall and then gently lowers you to the ground once you are ready to come down. You will also get some useful tips on climbing technique to get you started in the exciting world of climbing.

At the end of the course you will become a member of Climbzone with enough knowledge to safely use our climbing wall. You also receive 7 days free entry from the date of your introduction to consolidate and build your confidence in what you have learned. As a member of Climbzone age 16+ you will be able to come and climb unsupervised and also sign in two guests age 3+ under your supervision if you are 18+. The cost of entry for members can be found here.

Is a 1 hour Auto-bely induction right for me:

  • 1 hour to climb and learn how to use harness and climbing equipment safely – age 16+
  • Small instructor led groups with a maximum of 6 participants per instructor.
  • Includes rental of equipment needed – harness & climbing shoes
  • No previous experience or physical fitness required

Booking & cost:

  • Drop in possible subject to availability but pre-booking recommended
  • £14 for 1 hr session on-line

All the activities are run by the professional Climbzone team. Experienced instructors will look after your safety whilst you enjoy the thrills and excitement of Climbzone – probably the best indoor adventure park in the UK.


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