How the Climbzone activities work

Once all participants have arrived, the instructor takes the group up to the group room to be kitted out with harnesses and/or climbing shoes depending on what activity they are doing first.

The order of the activities during the session is determined & sometimes limited by how many other groups are booked in at the same time. Weekends are usually very busy and weekday afternoons are less so. If you have booked 2 instructors for more than 8 participants, the 2 groups might not be kept together at all times depending on how busy the centre is.

The instructor keeps their group together and helps everyone climb, swing and balance their way around obstacles like the zip slide, traverse wall, swinging platforms, cargo net, roped bridge and more.

Your instructor also helps the group climb our 11m high climbing wall. Each child is connected to an auto-belay which keeps them safe as they conquer the wall and then this gently lowers them to the ground once ready to return to earth.

With The Drop, the easy part is getting clipped in by the instructor, once at the edge, each child is encouraged to take a deep breath and step off to experience the thrill of 15m high freefall before being slowed to a gentle landing. Almost all children are happy to try this with a bit of encouragement from our instructors.

NB: For safety reasons, parents are not allowed up on the mezzanine level where the climbing takes place or on the top level where the Skypark and The Drop are located. However, all activities can be seen by parents and families from the ground floor where the reception and drop landing area is.

Once the session is over, the group is taken back to the group room to de-kitted before heading back down to the reception area to be collected.

If you buy the Big Slide tokens, you can finish the activity session by racing down UK’s tallest indoor slide!

Please post pictures of your party on our Facebook and Instagram and leave a review on Tripadvisor. Hopefully you’ll be back soon for some more fun!